Qualified Domestic Relations Orders and Pension Evaluations
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This is an attachment to our Engagement Letter for the preparation of an Order. The following are the items which are to be provided to us with the return of the signed Engagement Letter and our fees:

Provide a copy of the settlement agreement
Provide a copy of the Judgment of Divorce
Provide the following regarding the Husband:
Name of Husband
Husband's Email Address
Is he the Plaintiff/Petitioner or Defendant/Respondent?
Date of birth
Social Security Number
Home Address
Provide the following regarding the Wife:
Name of Wife
Wife's Email Address
Date of birth
Social Security Number
Home Address
Date of marriage
Jurisdiction's end of marriage date (cutoff date to be used for acquisition of marital assets), i.e. date of separation, filing of the complaint, service of summons, etc.
  1. Provide a copy of the party's DD214 form (if applicable).
  2. Provide a complete delineation showing the total accumulated points, total qualifying years, current pay grade and years for longevity for this individual.
Are both sides to receive copies of all correspondence?
If No-
Send copies to Husband's side
Send copies to Wife's side
Advise the full name and address of the attorney for the Plaintiff/Petitioner. If the
Plaintiff/Petitioner is Pro Se just specify Pro Se.
Attorney for Plaintiff's Email Address
Advise the full name and address of the attorney for the Defendant/Respondent. If the Defendant/Respondent is Pro Se just specify Pro Se.
Attorney for Defendant's Email Address
Provide a copy of any underlying pension evaluation report prepared for this matter.
(If any available)
If the party is already retired provide as much information as available regarding the benefit being paid, a copy of the check stub for the pension payment and any information regarding whether or not the member elected the Survivor Protection Plan and the amount of same.
Is the party a regular component military or reservist?
What branch of the service is the party in?

If this Former Spouse to be designated as a beneficiary for the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP), we are alerting you to the fact that the Former Spouse must make a “deemed election” for SBP coverage within one year of the date of the divorce. This deemed election must be forwarded directly to:

Defense Finance and Accounting Center
U. S. Military Retirement Pay
P. O. Box 7130
London, KY 40742-7130

We do not know if the Former Spouse will have to complete any forms. The Former Spouse should write to the above address and advise them that the Judgment of Divorce granted survivor benefits and that an Order for the Division of Disposable Military Retired Pay will be forthcoming. The Former Spouse should further advise that the letter is being written to make a “deemed election for SBP coverage”. If any forms have to be completed the Military will forward same to the Former Spouse directly. If the Former Spouse has any questions regarding SBP coverage, contact the Retired Pay Office at 1-800-321-1080.