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QDRO Forms

Be specific as to the type of plan involved in your matter. To choose the appropriate form consider the following.

Select: CIVIL SERVICE BENEFIT This is applicable to members of:
Civil Service Retirement System (hired before 1/1/1984)
Federal Employees Retirement System (hired after 12/31/1983
Federal Thrift Plan (TSP)
Central Intelligence Pension System
Foreign Service Pension System
Judicial Retirement System

Select ERISA:
Qualified Defined Benefit Plans
Qualified Defined Contribution Plans
Cash Balance Account Plans
401(k) Plans
Section 403(b) Plans
Section 457 Plans
Tax Sheltered Annuity Plans
Tax Deferred Annuity Plans
ESOP Plans
Union Plans

Select: STATE AND MUNICIPAL RETIREMENT SYSTEMS State Retirement System for Public Employees
State Teachers' Retirement Systems
State Law Enforcement & Firefighter Retirement Systems
State Police Retirement Systems
Judicial Retirement Systems
City and Municipal & Local Retirement Systems

Select: MILITARY Active Component Military, all branches
Reserve Component Military, all branches
National Guard Retirement System

Select: IRA (Individual Retirement Account)
This form is also used for SEP Plans

Once you have made a selection from the above;