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QDRO Administration Services

This service is cost effective for firms employing up to 5,000. When your firm receives a request from an attorney or QDRO preparation firm to “Qualify” a Domestic Relations Order, we provide a simple cost effective format that enables employers to comply with Federal Law and Regulations of both Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service. Federal Law mandates that employers respond in a timely manner to QDRO Qualification requests in a manner that is in compliance with both Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service procedures.

Generally, the initial response of the employer is to contact general counsel. Be clear, the procedures to comply with applicable Federal law and regulation are traditionally not within the scope of a state licensed general practitioner. Employers require the services of a firm that has extensive experience with Domestic Relations Orders. Examination of this website establishes we have long and extensive experience in the specific areas of concern to the employer.

For Domestic Relations Orders, our services to employers include:

  • Review and Commentary on Your Current QDRO Procedures (if any)
  • Instructions for “pro-se” litigants
  • Preparation of Simple “Intake” forms so that draft Orders may be sent directly to this firm for “pre-approval” review
  • Initial Review and Commentary regarding submitted draft Order
  • Determination of “Qualified” status of draft Order
  • If draft is determined to not “qualify”, letter of explanation as to basis for rejection of draft Order
  • Advisory letter as to how a “qualified” Order will be administered
  • For “qualified” Orders forms to be sent to attorneys and respective spouses
  • Establishment of a “tickler” system so that Orders will be timely implemented.

Fee Schedule:

Set-up fee with written guidelines: $1,500.00
Review and “qualify” or reject Order: $750.00

Rodney D. Troyan, Esq. at 941.388.0556 for information specific to your firms requirements.