Qualified Domestic Relations Orders and Pension Evaluations
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Pension Evaluations

The purpose of a pension evaluation is to determine in a fair and equitable manner the Present Cash Value of the employee spouse’s retirement benefit. Essential to fairness is the evaluator’s assumptions. These assumptions will have a significant impact on the estimated worth of the employee’s retirement benefit. Among the assumptions to be made are the following:
Valuation Date Assumption
Retirement Age Assumption
Life Expectancy Assumption
Earning (interest rate) Assumption
Compensation to be used to Compute employee’s accrued benefit

For each of the above, Troyan endeavors to select assumptions that do not favor either spouse. It is contrary to sound evaluation procedures to produce an advocate type evaluation. Hence, Troyan’s pension evaluations clearly describe each of the valuation components that were used to compute the present cash value of an employee’s pension benefit. This is presented to the retaining attorney in an easily understood and readable format. Significantly, the person who prepared the evaluation is available by telephone to respond to questions from the retaining attorney.

When our pension evaluations are challenged, we prepare a detailed critique of the adversary’s pension evaluation, clearly indicating the reasons for the differences in present cash value .