Qualified Domestic Relations Orders and Pension Evaluations
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Legal Services/Legal Aid

This fee schedule applies to Licensed Attorneys Affiliated with a Legal Services/Legal Aid Organization:

Drafting Domestic Relations Order(s):

Our fee is $350.00 per Domestic Relations Order

This service includes PRE-APPROVAL submission to the Plan Administrator, corrections requested by the Plan Administrator when required and final directive to attorney as to execution procedure with court in your jurisdiction

Drafting Support:

Providing Language for Property Settlement Agreement
$125.00 (for up to 2 benefits)
$200.00 (for up to 4 benefits)
$300.00 (for up to 6 benefits)

Providing Language for Property Settlement Agreement - Non-Qualified Benefit Based on Complexity of

Task (minimum of $100.000 per benefit)

Written Critique of Adversary Order:

$150.00 (per Order)


Fee depends upon complexity
of your matter. (Hourly rate of $350.00)

Preparation of IRA Transfer Letters $350.00 per IRA

Preparation of Pension Evaluation:

Our fee for this service is $125.00

We are a full service firm. If you have a circumstance not covered above, please call for fees.