Qualified Domestic Relations Orders and Pension Evaluations
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Fee Schedule

This fee schedule applies to Licensed Attorneys and Pro-se Litigants:

Drafting Domestic Relations Order(s):

Our fee is $500.00 per Domestic Relations Order

This service includes PRE-APPROVAL submission to the Plan Administrator, corrections requested by the Plan Administrator when required and final directive to attorney as to execution procedure with court in your jurisdiction.

Drafting Regarding Non-Qualified Plans or Arrangements, E.g., Stock Options, Restricted Stock, Rabbi Trusts, SERP, Excess Plans:

Based on Complexity of Task (minimum of $750.00)

Drafting Support:

Providing Language for Property Settlement Agreement

$250.00 (for up to 2 benefits)

$400.00 (for up to 4 benefits)

$550.00 (for up to 6 benefits)

Providing Language for Property Settlement Agreement - Non-Qualified Benefit

Based on Complexity of Task (minimum of $200.000 per benefit)

Written Critique of Adversary Order:

$250.00 (per Order)


Fee depends upon complexity

of your matter. (Hourly rate of $350.00)

Preparation of IRA Transfer Letters

$500.00 per IRA

Preparation of Pension Evaluation:

Our fee for this service is $200.00

We are a full service firm. If you have a circumstance not covered above, please call for fees.