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Review of QDRO's Prepared by Others

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The principal objective of this review is to protect the retaining attorney from acceptance of proposed language for a Marital Settlement Agreement, Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage or proposed Domestic Relations Order that is harmful to the interests of her or his client.

However, to comment on adverse or harmful language is not always sufficient when confronted with an aggressive adversary. When required we will provide a detailed analysis of an adversary's proposed settlement or Order making clear to all those aspects of the adversary's effort that are:

  • Contrary to ERISA
  • Contrary to Retirement Equity Act
  • Contrary to the terms of any underlying agreement
  • Contrary to the subject Plan's written guidelines
  • Not implementable based on language that is "mathematically" confused or simply predicated on mathematical error

Significantly, this review of an adversary's proposal is part of our basic service. No additional fee is charged for this written critique. Moreover, our attorney who will render this critique is available for conference with the retaining attorney so that this attorney fully understands our critique.

Again, our mission is to always protect the retaining attorney.